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Directed by

Paul Lamont 

Produced by

Scott Sackett

Written by

Paul Lamont and Scott Sackett


Director of Photography

Stephen McCarthy


Music by

Brent Michael Davids



Chris Bové


Narrated by                                        

Gary Farmer

Associate Producer                 Caleb Abrams

Additional Cinematography      Jack L. Cummings

Story Consultant                    Chana Gazit

Sound                                   John V. Davis

Sound Design                         Shaun M. Mullins

Audio Post-Production             Propellerhead Media             

Advisors                                Martin Doyle, Ph.D .

                                            Michael Frisch, Ph.D.

                                            Donald Grinde, Jr., Ph.D.

                                            Randy John, Ph.D.

This program is produced by Toward Castle Films and Skipping Stone Pictures for a presentation of Vision Maker Media with major funding provided by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. Produced in association with the Center for Independent Documentary. Additional funding was provided by the Seneca Nation of Indians and online contributors

Copyright 2017

The producers also gratefully acknowledge the generosity of the following individual donors:


Dorrance Amorine


Lee Bennett

Donna Bentkowski

Sally Brozell

Becky Burns

Bradley Kemick

Justin Laing

Deborah Lanni

Christopher Leonard

Donielle Lovell – In Memory of David G. Heron

Rebecca Lyon

Joseph Mangione

Carol Nephew

Ralph Panaro

Regina Parot

Linda Rabineau

Keith Reed

Tanya Reuscher

Dereka Rushbrook

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